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By lela

my life in pins.

On 15, Mar 2012 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By lela

are you as addicted to pinterest as I am? I love it! I’ve made new recipes, picked new color schemes, found useful tricks and just been inspired. I’ve seen different blogs posting about their “life in pins,” so here is mine!

glitter in water. prettyyyyy.

image here.


kyle and I, to a tee. so sweet.

image here.

can’t get enough of this color scheme.

image here.


you can make homemade mozzarella sticks?! where have I been?!

recipe of delishness here.


oh hi, so obsessed with this nursery.

image found here.

inspired yet?

image here.


I might wear this once a week. I might not.

Image here.


typography superhero print: for the future baby boy. SO COOL.

image here.


DIY Anthro curtains. so much love.

image here.


196 abstract tiles with childrens’ artwork.

image here.


image here.

follow me on pinterest!

and I am dyyyying to see all of your pinterest inspiration! leave me a comment if you do this blog so I can follow you and pin some awesome stuff :)

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